When you need maximum impact!

Your daily responsibilities and challenges demand high levels of physical stamina and a cool mind

Cricket is a game of power & mental focus

It needs immense stamina and a razor-sharp mind – just like our professional lives

A champion needs to live to the full!

Getting the most out of life requires maximum physical energy and an equally strong mind

Wellman for Wellness
Stay Fit. Be Sharp.

Modern life is increasingly demanding. Performance, competition, achievement and growth are the targets that control our time.
Stress, tiredness, frequent illness and just feeling down, can all challenge these aspirations.

Believe in Wellman to achieve peak performance.

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  • Sports & Exercise:

    Vitamin C and E help protect against free radicals generated during exercise, plus amino acids and ginseng for all-round support.

  • Hectic Lifestyle:

    Magnesium and Vitamin B complex for the efficient release of energy from food.

  • Immune System:

    Antioxidants and minerals, to help maintain a healthy immune system.

  • Reproductive Health:

    Zinc and other minerals are particularly important to men’s reproductive health.

Wellman in a Busy Life!
Stay Fit. Be Sharp.

Wellman provides 11 ingredients to support physical supplementation, plus 12 ingredients to boost physical and mental stamina and 1 ingredient to exclusively support mental sharpness.

Wellman is optimized for men, to nourish and restore your body.

To help you stay physically and mentally at the very top of your game!

Wellman for India.
Stay Fit. Be Sharp.

When life becomes hectic, our attention to health can get neglected; we eat the wrong food at the wrong time, don’t exercise enough, sleep too little and feel constantly stressed. We “lose health to wealth.”

This creates a huge gap in our daily requirements of vitamins and minerals; the micro-nutrients that keep our body and mind functioning at their best.

For an ever-progressing India, we need to Stay Fit. Be Sharp to achieve even more.

Live life well with Wellman!
Stay Fit. Be Sharp.

Wellness for India
A Conscious Effort

Wellness of the body and the mind is critical for success in personal and corporate life. Wellness for India presents articles by leading nutritionists and fitness experts to help you Stay Fit. Be Sharp.